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For holidays or housing, the CadenzaLux houses are a dream. Hidden in the most beautiful corners of Portugal, CadenzaLux is the key to discover them.

By Rafaela Simões

Portugal has more than 92,000 square kilometers and many are yet to be explored.

From the beaches that few people visit, to the various houses from north to south of the country that are waiting for people who want to spend either a short or long stay there.


Close to 100 properties are already part of the CadenzaLux project, founded in Portugal in 2022 by Wanda von Breisky. Before that, at the age of 27, Wanda created her first company, Arts Beyond, in London, and worked for more than three years at the Pioneerland Group, which awakened her to the luxury market.


She is still working with luxury through CadenzaLux, with unique houses and properties in Portugal for short or medium-term stays, for events (in which Wanda has the support of some of the best agencies, such as Warner Bros) and, more recently, for lease or sale, whether for housing or investment purposes.

“In 2023 we launched a boutique property sales department, in which we combine our database and international experience with our in-depth knowledge of Portugal”, advances Wanda to Versa.

Let's move on to what matters: the CadenzaLux luxury homes that are scattered throughout Portugal.

A house or an experience?

There is no doubt that the houses included in the CadenzaLux project are premium luxury, four and five star, but there is one more word and some numbers that define them: they are charming and a night can range from €250 to €6,000 euros, while the purchase ranges from 1 million upwards, as is the case of Algarve Villa Oasis or Troia Regal, on the Troia Peninsula.

It is a fact that they are not accessible to all budgets, but, on the other hand, the “innumerable wonderful and magical options” are within reach of all who allow themselves the luxury of dreaming.

Among the most special rental houses, due to "their unique location, architecture, amenities and services", according to Wanda, are the Comporta Luxury Estate, in Comporta, the Pego Luxury Villa, in Grândula, and the Firefly Quinta, in Alcabideche.


They are, without a doubt, an experience, to which the concierge service available 24 hours a day supports, they assist in booking restaurants, boat or bicycle trips, yoga sessions at home or a personal trainer, spa treatments at home, among other needs.


There are houses for different lifestyles, tastes – more modern, traditional or sporty – and number of people. Wanda leaves some recommendations.

For a couple:

Arrabida Pine Suites, Arrabida (1) | Douro Boutique in the Douro Valley, Samodães (2) | The Artist Apartment in Lisbon, Costa do Castelo (3)

For a family:

Alegria Villa, Carcavelos (1) | Hideaway Paradise, Guincho (2) | Beachfront Recluse, Sintra

For a group of friends:

Estoril Contemporary Villa, Cascais (1) | The Wooden Villa in Pego, Comporta (2) | The Tree House, Grândola (3)

Outside? Enchanté. Let's go inside

Art was part of the beginning of Wanda's journey, who founded Arts Beyond after a master's degree in Art Business, but still follows her today.


At CadenzaLux, it’s not just the infinity pools that impress, decoration is also an important part of each house and in which Wanda has the help of interior designers, such as Joana Aranha Atelier & Gracinha Viterbo (Portugal); Carolina Rubio Bowater (UK), Heidi Gubbins (Spain) and Servant (Portugal).

"Decoration is fundamental in a property", Wanda begins by saying. "When houses are rented, they do not have 'personal' belongings, so the connection is made through architecture, decoration and landscaping".

There are simpler houses that emphasize architecture, others adorned with art and others that focus on Portugal’s historical richness.

At the end of a stay, in which everything counts inside and out, only one thing matters: that guests leave with the feeling of “having had a unique getaway or experience”.


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