Individual care,
tailored to your needs

Quality service comes from attention to detail and an understanding of your needs.
Our bespoke service for homeowners includes property rental, interior design consultancy, marketing and management to create a seamless experience that is aligned with the client’s budget. For guests, concierge services guarantee the very best in Portuguese hospitality, from private airport pickups to experience packages.

And if you are looking to buy a premium Portuguese property, our real estate experts use their knowledge and rich local insight to take you from initial vision all the way through to contract exchange.

Real Estate Division

An eye for detail, an understanding of quality. CadenzaLux’s boutique real estate sales division specialises in curating a portfolio of exceptional properties that embody the epitome of luxury living.

Vacations Rentals

Welcome to the world of exquisite vacation rentals, where opulence and sophistication intertwine to create a haven of refined living.

Midterm Stays

Our curation of unique properties cover everything you could desire from an extended stay in stunning Portugal.

Guest Concierge

CadenzaLux provides an exclusive range of luxury concierge services that redefine the meaning of exceptional living.

Events Location Sourcing

Incredible spaces for unforgettable events. Our collection of unique properties has just the right setting for your gathering, whether an intimate event, a large celebration or a corporate event that needs to stand out.

Production Management

Unique and beautiful properties across Portugal are always in demand for television, film and commercial production. We work with various production companies for that special place to be captured on camera. We can help feature your property in a film, television or advertising campaign.

Rentals Management & Marketing

We are here to make our property owners' lives easier by offering comprehensive rental management and marketing services.

Property Owners Management Services

Managing our owners properties with the utmost care.

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