Caras Decoration:
Comporta – Summer Dream

The Wooden Villa reflects the genuine local and relaxed lifestyle. With architecture inspired by the traditional buildings of the region and decorated with a rustic aesthetic.

By: Patrícia Rocha | Photos: Luís Vegas


The architecture, by architect Nuno Lopes, combines tradition and modernity. An example of respecting the natural environment. The outdoor dining area seats up to 14 people.

To Relax

Next to the swimming pool, which invites you to take a refreshing dip, various features have been applied including areas for relaxation, exposure to the sun and shaded areas which are more sheltered.


The Outside

In the various leisure spaces outside you can enjoy the natural surroundings and outdoor life. Highlights are simple, but comfortable solutions such as the masonry sofa.


The whole house is connected with views to the surrounding nature, which is everywhere. With amazing outdoor activities such as walks, bike rides, among others.



The kitchen opens to the dining area and living area. The use of natural materials in the decoration connects the interior to the architecture.


An environment that invites sharing of meals throughout the year. The masonry shelves have antique pieces from the owners gathered from their years of global travels.



The Light

The kitchen is integrated into the social area and is covered with an abundance of natural light. The cabinets and finishes have a contemporary light rustic feel.

The overall space creates a social and open feel. The kitchen and dining area are designed to be welcoming all year round, any season.

Located a 10-minute walk from Praia do Pego, the Wooden Villa, designed by Nuno Lopes and managed by the company CadenzaLux, is a family holiday home with an area of 250m2, distributed by five suites and an integrated, open social space, accommodating up to 13 people.

Here, everything has been thought out in detail, in order to guarantee the comfort and convenience of users during all periods of the year, and not just in summer.

Materials, such as wood, natural textures and finishes, chosen for their practicality and easy maintenance, combine with the white base, punctuated with earthy colors that refer to Nature. The natural light, which enters the interiors in abundance, is another of the highlights.


The decor, with rustic lines, is in tune with the architectural proposal. Rough masonry elements, such as the sofa in the living room and the headboard of one of the suites, form a counterpoint with elements of a contemporary nature.
Pieces from the owners, acquired over the years and brought back from trips, complement and personalize the setting. Given its natural surroundings, the exterior, with a swimming pool and various leisure areas, is undoubtedly the star of the house, taking center stage in the summer.


Also here, the concern to adapt the space to the comfort that is sought in a holiday home used all year round is notorious. The fireplace is a good example.


The simple lines of the architecture, use wood to create a close connection between interiors and exteriors, reveal respect for the surrounding nature.


The project exalts the style and rustic beauty associated with the region. materials and natural choices add comfort and practicality, creating a warm and timeless atmosphere.

Rustic elements, such as masonry on the headboard, are custom-made. They make a counterpoint with others of a contemporary nature.


Although it is a house designed essentially to live outside, the more private areas follow the practical and welcoming atmosphere.



In the suite's bathroom, the rusticity of most of the finishes reflects to the authenticity of the region, as seen in the masonry and whitewashed walls.


Is a mixture of styles, both contemporary and rustic, and a contrast of textures. Decorative features help to break up the white washed space.

Double Room

In this suite with two beds, the hand-picked decorative pieces complement the natural textures in the finishes and textiles.


Couple Room

This room has a direct access door to the outside, benefitting from abundant natural light


The bunk beds, made to measure for the house and designed to be shared by children, create a fun atmosphere and are the focal point of the space.


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